Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Alex and Austin

Our day with Alex and Austin started at a gorgeous home near Zilker Park.  They spent the morning talking and laughing with their bridal party as they got ready for their wedding day.  The home was full of gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that let in a massive amount of natural light.  After they were dressed and ready we went to the location of their wedding, Mercury Hall.  It is this beautiful Oasis settled in just south of downtown Austin.  The location had both an indoor and outdoor area with details including stained-glass windows and a forest of bamboo.  Their wedding was a gorgeous ceremony, officiated by Austin's father.  Afterwards the reception was filled with laughter as the couple's bridal party and their fathers told stories of the two both as children, and as a couple.  The love that Austin and Alex have for each other is radiating.  Everyone spoke of how it is evident in everything that they do.  That they are each, on their own, some of the most kind and positive people you will ever meet.  But as a couple, that kindness is now evident in not only the way they treat others, but in the way they treat one another.  These two have a sincere and genuine love for one another and we are so thrilled to show you the images we captured from their day. 

Thank you to the vendors who helped to make Alex and Austin's day magical: 

Austin, Texas | Commercial Photography | Whistle and Wild

In need of a new autumn wardrobe? Look no further!  We are so excited to share this collaboration with Whistle and Wild!  If you fall madly in love with all these cute fall outfits (which we know you will), you can find more on the availability of her items in her Instagram!  Paige did an awesome job modeling for us.  Be sure to check out her Instagram for more stylish outfit ideas.  We're basically obsessed. 

P.S. If anyone is interested in buying me one of everything, let me know. ;) 

Austin, Texas | Commercial Photography | Mugsby Mugs

Recently we got to shoot some fun, quirky mugs from Mugsby Mugs.  These mugs are perfect for every sassy, morning-hating, boss babe you know.  (Oh, hey there, Christmas list).  This is just a tiny sample of all the hilarious mugs that local maker Kelly sells in her adorable brand.  We also got a chance to shoot some of her makeup bags which are just completely flawless in floral.  If you follow us on Snapchat you got to see a little sneak peek of these beauties!  Definitely check out her link if you're looking for the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Special thanks to Angela from Angela Nichole Coaching for posing in a few of my shots! 

Austin, Texas | Group Portrait Event | The B Hive - ATX

If you're subscribed to my Facebook page you probably know by now that I shot a super fun group portrait event this past weekend. Sorry (not sorry) for filling up your feed with tons of gorgeous, successful, and talented women.   15 women, to be exact!  I am so thankful to be a part of The B Hive and I can't imagine my transition to a new city without them.  They are amazing, supportive, kind women and I love being a part of their group.  If you're new to Austin and are looking to make life-long friends, this group is exactly what you're looking for!  I am so excited to share some of our images from the shoot this past Sunday! 

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to shoot with me! I had such a great time! 

P.S. We are finishing up your album! It will be sent to you via email some time later today.

Austin, Texas | Wedding | Veronica and Lee

We had an amazingly wonderful day with Veronica and Lee while documenting their wedding!  They (along with their friends and family) were instantly warm and welcoming the moment we walked in the door.  Veronica and Lee had a beautifully emotional first look, and their vows left everyone in the room a little teary-eyed.  Their whole wedding was packed full of genuine emotion.  They are so wonderfully in love.  You can see it in each of their images throughout the day.  

We got to sneak away for a little bit at sunset for some *amazing* golden-hour photos followed by some stunningly colorful photos.  Lee's dad's land was the perfect spot for gorgeous sunsets!

I am so excited to share more from their big day!  We hope you enjoy this collection of some of our favorite images from their wedding!

Vendors involved in making Veronica and Lee's wedding day perfection: 

Austin, Texas| Engagement Session | Veronica and Lee

We met up with Veronica and Lee at the Duchman Winery in Austin.  The Staff at the Duchman Winery were so kind and they let us explore the grounds for this gorgeous session.  We found warm sun, beautiful greenery, and they even got to enjoy a glass of wine together from the Winery's tasting room!  

Veronica and Lee were so sweet and you can tell they're so excited for their big day.  They told us stories from their last visit to the winery, plans for their big day, and lots of details about their lives together.  I can't wait for their wedding day! 

I hope you enjoy the images we've shared from their engagement session! 

Kansas City, Missouri | Senior Portraits | AuraMae

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite images from AuraMae's senior session!  She is such a sweet and bright girl.  Her and I are actually related.  She is my mom's Aunt's grand-daughter.  Whatever you'd call that.  Second cousins, maybe? ;) I have *loved* all the time I've spent with her.  She has such a wide variety of interests and I always love chatting with her.  

I hope you have the most amazing Senior year! 



Bonus photo from the last time we shot together during our family trip to Costa Rica! She's so grown up now! ------>


Kansas City, Missouri | Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Hunter

When we met Davi and David on the morning of the wedding they treated us as though we had been friends for years.  They are two of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people you will ever meet.  Their day reflected the love and care they have for each other.  It was a perfect day, the weather was beautiful, everything went smoothly, and Davi and David became husband and wife.  Their friends and family all told stories about how the two were perfect for each other.  It was evident in every moment that they spent together that night.  From the reaction the two had upon seeing each other for the first time as Davi came down the aisle, all the way to the dances they shared at their reception.  You can tell that these two are absolutely, undeniably, truly in love. 

I hope you enjoy the images from their wedding day!

Dripping Springs, Texas | Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Hinton

Allison and Jeremy's day was full of joy, love, and great big bear hugs.  All of which they shared between not only themselves, but with their family, friends, guests, and even a photographer or two. Their happiness absolutely radiated from them.  In every action, every detail, every moment with their loved ones.  Each member of the wedding party beamed for them.  They told us of how the two of them are soul mates.  Meant to be together. A perfect pair.  Looking through the photos you can tell these two are wonderfully in love and have married with great intention to care for one another their entire lives.  I hope you enjoy my favorite images from their perfect day! 

Edgerton, Kansas | Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Meile

"I'm so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We've come so far my dear
Look how we've grown
And I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old
Just say you won't let go." 

"Say You Won't Let Go" - James Aurthur

Andrew and Rebecca's wedding was on gorgeous June day on the Antes family farm.  The weather was perfection and the sunset was a work of art, seemingly hand-painted for the two of them.  Their friends and family were bubbly and excited, their eyes occasionally tearful with joy for the two of them.  There was love in the entire day.  Between Rebecca and Andrew, in the careful detail their families put into decorating the farms, all the way through to the speeches given by their bridal party. We are thrilled to share the images from their perfect day.