Austin, Texas | Wedding 101 | First 10 Things You Should Do Once You're Engaged

You're Engaged!  Congratulations!  You are both now at the very beginning of one of the most exciting moments in your life.  You're going to share the news with your friends and family, post to social media, and then dive head first into Pinterest.  Most importantly, you have just made the decision to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate!  And that is just such a beautiful thing.

Weddings are hard work!   There are lots of little parts and pieces to consider.  It might seem a little overwhelming at first and you might be left a little lost on where to start.  We put together a guide to help you get started!   

1. Discuss and list the things that are most important to you. 

Have you always dreamed of an outdoor wedding?  Or do you have a wedding dress that has been in your family for generations that you want to wear?  Maybe you need to make sure all of your siblings are in the wedding party.  Or maybe you just want to make sure there is lots of time to hit the dance floor.  Whatever it is, make sure you and your future spouse have your *must haves* listed.  This will help make sure you're both on the same page and will keep planning going smoothly!

2.  Put together a rough draft of your guest list. 

This doesn't have to be your final say in who will attend.  But it is good to have a general idea of the size of wedding you're about to plan.  This number can affect a lot of things.  The venue you pick, your budget, the cost of your caterer, etc. Make sure you account for those who will bring dates and children.  

3.  Discuss your budget. 

Now the real planning begins!  Once you have a solid idea on what your budget is, you can start looking into vendors!  Making a spreadsheet of this information can help you a ton in the long run.  It can help you keep track of quotes as well!  Create a spreadsheet showing each item from your wedding with columns showing what your budget is for that item, what you were quoted for that item, and what you ended up paying.  Don't forget to keep your receipts! 

4.  Consider a Wedding Planner. 

A wedding planner can be a total life saver.  When mishaps happen, (and believe us, they totally will), it is so nice having someone who can deal with the issues and keep your day running smoothly.  You'll be so busy from now until after the wedding it can be great knowing there's someone keeping things on track.  

5.  Pick your venue.

Unless a specific date is very important to you, you may want to hold off on choosing a date until you've looked into venues.  Venues book up fast.  So if you have your heart set on a specific venue or area, it might be better to choose a date based on the availability of a venue you love.  Now that you have your budget and your estimated guest list, you should have no problem searching for a venue that fits your needs! 

6.  Choose your date. 

It's time to choose your date! Yay!  Make sure you check in with your closest friends and family to make sure there aren't any plans already set in stone.  Decide on what season you want and make sure you check the average temps and precipitation if you're planning an outdoor wedding!  Narrow it down to a month, then choose your day, and now you're set!  Get started on the countdown! 

7.  Schedule some cake tastings.

Should this really be one of the first things you do?  Absolutely.  This is one of the best parts of wedding planning.  Trust us.  You're going to love it.  It even acts as a great date night!  You may not both be huge on wedding planning.  But who doesn't love dessert?  This will give you both a great opportunity to bond over the process of wedding planning.  Not a fan of cake? Opt for other sweet treats.  We've seen donuts, mini cakes, cupcakes, pies, and even candy bars.  Remember, this is your wedding!  Do what makes you happy! 

8.  Book your Photographer.

Personally, I'd like to put this as your number 1.  At the end of the day and when years have passed, photographs are what last.  Your photographs will be there to remind you of each detail you planned and put into place.  We are with you from the moment you begin getting ready, through the first look at your future husband or wife, dancing with your family and friends, all the way to your grand exit.  We will catch details you may have missed, and details you'd like to remember forever.  Photographers typically book a year in advance.  So when you find the photographer you love, be sure to book them quickly!  Not to mention, we're pretty connected with the wedding scene.  We can give you all sorts of advice and referrals for wedding planning.

9.  Get Organized.

Create a folder to help you stay organized.  Keep all of your quotes, contracts, and receipts for all of your vendors.  This will help you contact them if you have any questions in the future.  It will also allow you to provide documentation if there are any mix-ups.  Most vendors will be very organized.  So you don't have to worry too much.  But be weary of any vendors who do not require signed documentation for hire!  

10.  Spend Time Together.

Seriously! Plan time to spend together!  Planning can get hectic and time is going to fly by.  You're only engaged for just a short while.  Find as many ways as possible to just relax and enjoy this time together! Wedding planning should be fun. Make sure you're planning things that make you happy! 

Happy planning and congrats again!  Marriage is awesome! 
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Kansas City, Missouri | Engagement Session | Mallory and Austin

We spent this past weekend in Kansas City with Mallory and Austin!  Their winter wedding is coming up in just a month and we can't wait for their big day!  We shot their engagement shoot at Union Station and Crown Center.  It was crazy crowded, but they were great sports.  Their session turned out so beautifully.  Union Station and Crown Center were both decorated with their holiday lights.  It made for some gorgeous sparkling backgrounds.  We wandered through the crowds searching for the perfect spots.  Austin could make Mallory laugh with ease and her joy is evident in these photographs.  They told me about how they hiked together for 8 miles into the mountains in Estes Park.  When they reached the top Austin proposed to Mallory.  I made sure to check out their facebook album for photos and it was as absolutely gorgeous as you would imagine.  What a perfect engagement spot, right? 

Only a month to go until your wedding day!  We can't wait! 

Austin, Texas | Commercial Photography | Kelli Marie Design Glow Box

We have been working on a very special collaboration with the Seattle-based candle making company, Kelli Marie Design.  She has just officially released their new monthly subscription box for her gorgeous handmade candles.  The Glow Boxes are now on sale and are the perfect gift for the Holidays!  We were lucky enough to receive one of the first ever boxes for this shoot.  Let me tell you... My house smells *amazing*!  The champagne candle has been sitting on my desk so I can light it while I'm working.  It fills the whole house with amazing smells.  This sage pomegranate scent is the perfect transition scent from the holidays in to the new spring season.  If you are looking to shop local this holiday season, definitely check out Kelli's Glow Box!  Her tea lights are going to be so perfect for my centerpieces this holiday season.  I love giving gifts that are made with love by creatives.  Kelli is so sweet and each of her candles are made with such care!  I am so excited to see what the new boxes have in store for the coming months!  

Kelli Marie Design

Austin, Texas | Event Photography | The B Hive Field Day

The B Hive has been an amazing way for me to meet new friends in Austin.  When we moved to Texas I was so worried I would have a hard time meeting new people.  I found the B Hive on Instagram because they were all reading the same book for book club that month and it must have been fate.  This is one of the most fantastic group of girls I have ever met.  Each woman is so wonderfully accepting and friendly.  They are all so talented and kind and generous.  I am so lucky to have found them.  Their Field Day this October raised money for SAFE Austin. They will be hosting two more events to raise money in November and December.  For more information on becoming part of the B Hive, visit their webpage at this link!  If you like books and brunch and are looking to meet new friends in Austin this is an amazing place to get started! 

Kansas City, Missouri | Engagement Session | Andrew and Rebecca

Rebecca and I have known each other for such a long time.  Her family lived next door to mine when we were little girls.  Our families spent a ton of time together and we were the best of friends.  She has always been such an amazingly sweet person.  When I found out she was engaged to Andrew I was so excited.  They asked us to shoot their wedding and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of their big day.  We met with them in Kansas City and I loved getting to spend time with Andrew.  I never had to find ways to make them smile.  Each time they looked at each other they beamed with joy.  Andrew looks at her so sweetly and it just melts your heart!  

We started off our day in downtown Kansas City.  The fall weather behaved and we got a really warm day!  We stopped for a while at the brand new "Kansas City I'm So In Love" mural (a new favorite!).  Then we ended our session at the Liberty Memorial with blanket snuggles and a gorgeous Kansas City skyline view.  I picked an insane amount of photos for edit and I can't wait to send off their entire collection!  I hope you enjoy this preview of their amazing set.  We are so excited for their big day this June!  

Austin, Texas | Portrait Session with a Health Coach | Lauren Parsons

Lauren is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  She always greets you with a smile and sends you kind messages of encouragement and motivation.  If you're looking for someone who is patient and kind who will push you each day to better yourself, you've found the right girl.  These are just a few of the many reasons why Lauren is a fantastic health coach.

I got to spend a fun evening shooting Lauren and her life as a health coach.  I met her adorable dog Summer, learned about some of her favorite tips and tricks for success, and shot a gorgeous portrait session with her on a perfect golden afternoon.  She is just the cutest thing ever and I am so endlessly impressed by her strength and determination.  I just love how her session turned out and I can't wait to see the rest of her photos pop up over the next few months!  

Her progress is amazing and I urge anyone who is looking to begin a healthy lifestyle to contact her.     

Note: Mira Visu Photography is not affiliated with any of the brands shown in the above photos.  All logos and associated products are property of their respective owners.  Mira Visu Photography prohibits the use of any of these images without expressed written consent. 

Austin, Texas | Engagement Session in an Urban Winery | David and Toni

On this particular Saturday it was not supposed to rain.  We had checked the weather that morning on an app that assured us there was no more than a 20% chance for any kind of precipitation.  At around 4pm the clouds rolled in and it started to pour.  Our plans for any kind of park our outdoor area were squashed.   But that is okay, because David and Toni picked a Cigar Lounge and an Urban Winery instead!  Both are gorgeous indoor venues that they have visited together as a couple.  We were absolutely up for shooting somewhere we had never been and we were so excited to explore a new area!  Now that the images are done I am actually glad it rained.  We met some amazingly friendly people at a local Cigar Shop where David and Toni were members. They let us use the lounge for a few photos and while we set up for the ring shots Toni told us that they used to come here to play chess together.  Then we got to visit the winery where David proposed to Toni.  He showed us right where it happened and gave us all the details of how little time he had to prepare the perfect spot while Toni was preoccupied in a different part of the bar.  Toni told us their frosé is delicious and is definitely worth a return trip (which is now officially on our list of places to try in Austin). Both locations provided us with some amazing colors and deep romantic tones. 

At the end of the session, the clouds moved on and a sliver of sun poked through and we had just enough time to visit the softball fields where David and Toni first met.  It was the perfect ending to a day full of cute locations around Austin.  This session could easily be one of my favorite we've ever shot!  We can't wait for David and Toni's wedding in February!

Killeen, Texas | A Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony in the Hills of Texas | The Caldwell Wedding

Our day spent with Kristen and David was full of laughter and joy.  These two are some of the most joyful people we have ever met.  They giggled and laughed and smiled.  Even through tears of joy and love during their ceremony they found ways to laugh.  Their love for each other was so wonderfully evident in every  moment they spent together.  We love meeting brides and grooms that you can tell love each other in every way.  These two are best friends.  

When we met with Kristen and David they were care free.  They chose to skip the first look for the traditional first look down the aisle.  The boys kept watch over their mother from the doorway.  Making sure that David didn't accidentally see her before it was time for the big day.  Their Aunts hurriedly finished the final touches on the ceremony.  All of which was a fantastic surprise for both Kristen and David.  Each detail picked and prepared lovingly by their family members.  The cake was hand-made and filled the room with the fantastic smell of freshly baked and frosted pastries.  

The ceremony itself was so wonderful.  There was this amazing view of the family's land.  You could see out into the hills of Killeen, Texas.  The two read their vows.  Each shed tears of joy and happiness as they shared stories of their love for each other.  They vowed to love each other deeply, and to create a family between the two of them and the boys.  Each of the family members took part in the sand ceremony.  It was so beautiful seeing it done this way.  Each of them taking a turn pouring a little bit of sand.  Their first kiss as husband and wife was perfect.  The family was given bubbles to blow as they walked down their aisle together.  A hurricane of bubbles surrounded the newlyweds and it was so beautiful.  

We ended the day with cake cutting and speeches from a few of the family members.  Family was such a huge theme of the day.  You could see that their marriage was so centered around not only the creation of a new family, but the blending of each family together.  Seeing a couple so truly focused on family was so refreshing.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell!

Austin, Texas | Portrait Session | The B Hive

When we first moved to Austin we didn't know anyone.  No family, no friends.  We picked up our lives in Kansas City and started our biggest adventure together so far.  Being in a new city is scary!  Making friends as an adult is much harder than when you're a student.  Josh was starting to think that I'd never leave the house.  I'd just grow attached to my computer chair or something.  We're on Instagram quite a bit.  At least a few hours a day commenting on local posts and sharing our work.  I noticed there was a local book club that was currently reading the same book as me ("The Girl on the Train").  I messaged The B Hive and I am so happy I did!  This group of girls is so kind and welcoming.  They are all so talented, each with their own wonderful story.  A lot of the girls are new to Austin and it was nice having someone to share my feelings with about being away from home and family.  I've learned so much about the city from the girls who were born and raised here.  They've all given me so many suggestions for new places to explore!  If you're new to the area and are looking for a group to meet up with, check out their page for more info.  

Austin, Texas | Collaboration of Creatives | Styled Summer Party Desserts

Have you ever smelled a candle and thought to yourself, "Man, this smells good enough to eat!"  That is exactly what happens when you smell a Kelli Marie Design Guava and Passion Fruit candle.  These beauties are hand-poured small batch soy candles and they smell amazing.  Light one and your entire house is going to smell like a tropical paradise.  Her candles also make the perfect housewarming gift or hostess gift!

Karen from Hello Tiny Bites used Kelli's candles as inspiration for her cakes and created this wonderfully summer color scheme!  We love all the bright pops of summer color!  Karen's attention to details is intense.  They're little little works of art.  Her macarons are so incredibly tasty.  Their shells are baked to perfection and the curd center makes them the perfect combination of sweet and tart!  We can't wait to see her cakes making their way to weddings and events this year in Austin.  

 Merrie and Bright made us a custom cake topper; it was the perfect size for Karen's cake and Merrie had it shipped to us for the shoot.  Her topper adds such a gorgeous little pop of sparkle to the shoot! The material is a clear acrylic with the glitter mixed in.  So you wont be accidentally glittering your cake - It all stays in the topper! (I thought this was so nifty)

Karen's cakes and treats are all marked with little calligraphy signs made by August and Ember!  Katelyn is a local Texas vendor and is so fantastic to work with!  All we had to do was give her a color scheme and she made these perfect little signs.  The ink she used was pink with a blue metallic shift.  You got to see videos of it in action if you follow us on Snapchat!  They are all hand-made, hand-written, and hand-painted.  The little watercolor edges were the perfect shade of green!  

Thank you to all of our vendors who worked so hard to make this beautiful shoot a success!

Kelli Marie Design

Hello Tiny Bites

Merrie and Bright

August and Ember

Austin, Texas | Hope Outdoor Gallery | A Portrait Session with Luna Elise

Our  most recent session with Luna Elise took us to a very well-known location in Austin.  The Hope Outdoor Gallery is a huge graffiti park located on the side of a hill overlooking the city. There is fantastic art, great views, and bright colors.  

Elise and I met here early in the morning and started working on her session before the hot Texas sun got too far up into the sky.  She looks absolutely beautiful in her red romper.  And can we talk about her purse for a minute!?  Fringed. Perfection. 

If you're looking for great fashion tips this summer you should definitely check out her blog.  We're using her Euro Trip packing list for our upcoming trip to Cancun. She also features seasonal trend reports that are really helpful when adding to your wardrobe.  

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more images from Elise's Session! 

Luna Elise

Luna Elise on Instagram

Mira Visu Photography on Instagram

Austin, Texas | Engagement Session | Nick and Rebecca

We met up with Nick and Rebecca at the Redbud Isle Park last week!  The park was full of people with dogs.  Tons of happy pups were running around the park, jumping in and out of the water, and happily bouncing around anyone who was up to giving out a few pats!  It was a hot, humid, muggy Texas evening.  The sun set behind the trees, bringing a welcomed shade.  All the recent rain has made the trees so vibrant and green.  

Nick and Rebecca were naturals behind the camera.  They snuggled and kissed and we got some really beautiful shots.  These two are so absolutely adorable. We let them know it's okay to go ahead and kiss whenever they felt like it.  Needless to say, there were lots of kisses.  They are so totally in love and it shows in each photo!    

 We can't wait to continue exploring new locations to shoot in Austin!  This one has been on our list for a while and we're so glad we got a chance to check it out with such a sweet couple.

Forgan, Oklahoma | Meet the Photographers | A Weekend with Family

We don't make our way out to Forgan often enough.  My mom, step-dad, and little brother have lived out that way for about 5 years now.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long ago that we all lived together in a barn-shaped home in a rural town in Kansas. My step-dad, Marinus, is from South Africa.  His family is mostly scattered across the globe.  His sister, Tercia, and her husband and son are visiting the United States this summer from Scotland.  I had never met them, so that made this trip even more special.  We made our way out to the farm where my parents live.  It's roughly 8 hours from Austin to Forgan, but the views are spectacular.  Hills, plateaus, desert, rivers, all scattered across the drive.  We spent the weekend relaxing.  On Saturday we had the family over or a braai (a South African "cook out").  I got to eat all of my favorite home cooked meals and spent some time cuddling the family dogs.  We shot clay pigeons and the boys played football in the yard.  My little brother loves it when Josh is around.  He's always needed a big brother.  When we got married my grandma told him he's got a brother now.  His face lit up and he told everyone he knew that he now had a big brother.  We fed the goats, pet the baby chicks, and watched the sun set over Oklahoma farm land.  It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed spending it with family. 

Austin, Texas | A Stunning Wedding at Camp Lucy | Bradley and Alyssa

It had been raining hard for weeks straight.  As I made my way through the remote hills of farmland to Camp Lucy the sun broke through the clouds and beamed down its glorious rays of sunshine.  It was going to be a clear day.  Alyssa told us she had hoped for days that the rain would finally stop.  It was like the weather had made the day just for her.  Sunny and bright and warm.  The breeze rustled the leaves in the canopy above the altar.  It was a perfect day.

The bride and her bridesmaids spent the morning sipping mimosas and telling stories about their lives with Alyssa.  Her maid of honor, her sister, chatted lovingly with her.  The groomsmen took their time getting to the venue.  They made their way to the lounge, taking extra care not to sneak a peek of the bride and her entourage.  They kept Bradley hidden away while the girls took portraits beneath the bell tower.  They helped him with his tie and jacket.  He smiled as he looked in the mirror.  He told me, "now that the jacket is on it feels real.  Today we're getting married."  He beamed with joy as he opened his gift from Alyssa.  A brand new watch in sleek black and gold with a little handwritten note reminding him not to be late.  

As guests arrived the wedding party lined up.  Each bridesmaid with her groomsman walked arm in arm down the aisle.  Alyssa and her father waited in the cover of the trees.  He smiled at her and held her hand.  As they rounded the corner to the top of the aisle Bradley's smile grew larger.  At the first glance of his bride his eyes welled up as his heart filled with happiness.  The ceremony was beautiful.  They wrote private vows to each other that were read quietly under the sound of music.  Their last kiss was passionate as he held his bride tightly.  Their portraits were right after the ceremony as guests enjoyed a cocktail hour.  Brad asked us if we could shoot photos for just a little while longer because he "just wanted to stand there holding her forever."  

Their reception was as vibrant and joyous as their love for each other.  They danced among friends, ate cake, and stared lovingly at each other.  They were sent off with a trail of sparklers.  Bradley kissed his wife to the cheers of the crowd one last time as he and Alyssa entered the limousine.  They rode off under a big full moon as their guests waved happily behind them.  

Austin, Texas | Meet the Photographers | Father's Day

We're a few days ahead.  But we wanted to make sure we blogged something very special to us.  We're so blessed to know so many amazing dads.  We are surrounded by friends and family who are awesome fathers.  They deserve so much love today.  Thank you so much to all the hard working dads and step-dads who are amazing parents to their children.  We appreciate your love and compassion and we hope you feel appreciated throughout the year.  Here's a few stories of our own fathers that we wanted to share with you (as told by each of us respectively).

This is Bob (I like to call him "Roberto").  He's my baseball statistic loving, excel formula master, tree chopping dad.  He's crazy smart, loves math and numbers and riddles, and is a huge fan of The Who. When I was a little girl we used to stay up super late to watch the David Letterman show.  I loved watching the top 10 list, even though I never knew what any of it was about.  But he would laugh and laugh and I loved to laugh with him, too.  He and I have always been night owls.  When I lived alone for the first time in an apartment in Manhattan, some drunk guy wandered into my building at 2am and started banging on my door thinking it was his own house. I panicked and called my dad.  I knew he was the only one who would also still be up.  He talked me through it, saying "Apartment complexes are like mazes to drunk people, he'll probably wander off soon."  He talked to me on the phone until the guy fell asleep on the staircase.  But I felt a little better knowing that this wasn't the most abnormal thing to happen in a college town.   He's saved me from a few disasters and always reads every single part of my long winded emails.  He even reads every blog post I send to him.  (Hi dad!  I love you!)  I hope he has a great Father's day and we can't wait for our next trip to KC so we can make a pit stop in Guthrie.

This is a photo of me on the day I got my step-dad.  I was 11 years old and had broken my foot on the day he proposed to my mom.  (I'm kind of a plan ruiner).  It takes a really amazing person to be a fantastic step parent.  From day one, Marinus has loved me as fully and unconditionally as he loves my little half brother Martin, his own son.  There is never a doubt in my mind that he is and will always be as big a part of my family as my mother is to me.  On the day he married my mom he also promised to me that he was gaining a wife as much as he was gaining a daughter.  He kept that promise, even through the awful teenage years.  One of my favorite memories of him is when he came to Kansas State to help me set up my gallery showing.  I had no measurements or plans for how to hang my work.  He saved me with a measuring tape and a level.  Spent hours mapping it all out and hanging my photographs perfectly.  He has always selflessly assisted in all of my unorganized endeavors.  He spent hours in a tuxedo on a humid July morning making sure my wedding was as perfect as I had planned.  He's will always, without fail, answer his phone (my mom and I are phone abandoners and cannot be trusted) and is always ready to help me put together any art project I'm working on.  We love you and we hope your day is as great as you are!

This happy guy right here is, Roy.  Enter his home and he'll always greet you with a smile and offer you a St. Pauli Girl!  After helping my mother raise five children and currently raising two of his six grandchildren, you'd think he'd have worn out by now.  You'd be wrong, however; after putting in 10 hour days, you can usually find him outdoors chasing around the grand kids, working in the garden, or mowing the lawn.  He's not all work, though.  He loves to spend time shooting hoops, pitching horseshoes, or hitting buckets of balls at the driving range.  Legend around the neighborhood says that he hasn't missed a free throw since '78, and I wouldn't be the one to argue.  He's the type of person who is always helping others, and leaves little time for himself.  He does it all without ever asking to be validated for his hard work, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve the recognition!  Without him as a father, I would not have as high standards for my own work ethic.  He's absolutely the hardest-working man I've ever met, and I have the privilege of being able to call him "Dad."

Austin, Texas | Style Book | Wedding Rings

What better way to start off your week than with a look at some of our favorite wedding rings we've ever photographed?  I am always 100% on board with adding a little sparkle to anything. (Ask Josh, there is always glitter hiding around our home).   What engagement ring style is your favorite?  Do you love traditional gold wedding bands?  White gold?  What about the new rose gold trend?  Whatever the  cut or color we're so excited to see such a variety of gorgeous rings.  We have seen so many beautiful and unique rings over the years.  From elaborate metalwork to a classic solitaire, It's all about that sparkle!  While shooting weddings and engagement photography in Austin we've noticed a huge trend in using a colored stone versus the traditional diamond (morganite, sapphire, moissanite) .  We love this idea and can't wait to start seeing more colorful stones!

Kansas City, Missouri | Portrait Photography | Collaboration with Luna Elise

My dear friend Elise recently started a fashion blog detailing her life as the most well-dressed human on the planet.  We have been working with Elise for years now (you may recognize her from a recent shoot with her friend Tiana).  I am so excited to see her start her fashion blog, "Luna Elise".  Her posts feature helpful tips for packing your bags for cross-country adventures, what to wear to a wedding, and every day outfit inspiration.  She links to each piece, which is so helpful when you're lusting after every outfit (beware, your bank account will not enjoy this experience). If you follow her on Instagram you'll see daily outfits or accessories, the occasional travel photo, sprinkled with a dash of French Bulldog.  We love shooting these mini-sessions with her and can't wait to show you more of her stylings on the blog!  Oh, and did I mention she is a frequent visitor to the beautiful city of Austin?  She'll be in town later this month and we can't wait to hit up the Graffiti park.  Bright colors for days!

Web: Luna Elise

Instagram: @lunaelise__

Austin, Texas | Wedding Cake for a Modern Bride | Hello Tiny Bites

Wedding cakes are the crown jewel of the reception.  They are what your younger guests are gazing at as soon as they enter the room.  They are the little slice of sugary energy you need to make it through hours of dancing with family and guests.  Traditional wedding cakes have taken the stage for years.  But the trend this year is for your cake to have a pop of color.  Karen Lopez with Hello Tiny Bites creates masterful collages in a rainbow of dramatic, colorful sweets.  Her tiered cakes are a delicious home-made vanilla buttercream, topped with gold-dusted fruits alongside her bright and crunchy macarons with a raspberry curd and fluffy vanilla cream center.  They are painted to perfection and decorated with fresh floral.  Her dessert table looked stunning in this Texas field.  Complete with Texas wild flowers!  You could add a custom cake topper, but her sweet treats really speak for themselves.  If you view her Instagram, you'll see a feed full of pastry art.  Her photographs are pops of color, each cake a custom piece for her customers.  No two cakes are alike (well, unless you order a few of her mini-cakes!).  You could feed a wide variety of wedding guests' tastes with her tiny bites.  Tarts, macarons, cupcakes, and meringue bites are among the several bites you can order.  If you're looking for a really unique approach to your dessert table, Karen can design the perfect cake.  We can't wait to see more of her wedding cakes popping up around venues in Austin!

Web: Hello Tiny Bites

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Austin, Texas | A Romantic Day in the Texas Hilltops | Richard and Caitlin

We started our day off at bride Caitlin's Parent's home in the hills of Jonestown, Texas.  The drive on the way to their home is a gorgeous drive, sprinkled with expansive views of the river.  The bride and bridesmaids spent the morning together in the guest house.  There were mimosas and breakfast pastries and everyone laughed and talked about their memories together.  The morning was full of soft light from the large windows and the view out of the back patio was breathtaking.  Caitlin's mother and bridesmaids assisted her in putting on her gown.  A beautiful spring gown with a mixture of lace and tulle.  She put on her wedding shoes, necklace, and earrings and her wedding party helped with the remaining touches.  

Richard waited patiently in the yard overlooking the river.  Rain trickled down softly on his transparent umbrella and he smiled with anticipation.  When his bride emerged his smile grew even larger.  Their first look was a romantic meeting beneath two umbrellas.  The groom was sure to keep both umbrellas covering his bride as he marveled at how beautiful she was.  Her natural blonde curls were set in place and her dress was flawless.  He whispered lovingly about how beautiful she was in the soft spring light.  Her bridesmaids and groomsmen looked on from the windows as the couple shared their first moments together before the wedding.  

We made our way to the Villa Antonia to prepare for the ceremony.  We spent some time photographing the bride and groom together.  We barely had to pose them.  The couple was so wonderfully in love and the shoot went smoothly.  The wedding ceremony was performed in the venue's chapel.  The bride and groom wrote their own vows.  Each vow was so thoughtful and well written.  The crowd was full of teary-eyed and sniffling patrons.  The remainder of the evening went smoothly.  The couple shared a slice of cake and spend hours dancing with their closest friends and family.  Their final song of the night was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and they made their grand exit in a tunnel of guests wielding golden sparklers. 

Kansas City, Kansas | A Wedding Day Full of Beautiful Details | Reggie and Tram

Reggie and Tram's wedding day was absolutely packed with beautiful details from start to finish. Tram and her bridesmaids began hair and makeup bright and early while her mother steamed her wedding dress in the other room.  I arrived and was greeted by Tram's father who asked if I had breakfast and treated me to the most delicious breakfast pastry.  Joshua spent his morning with Reggie and his groomsmen.  They dressed and prepared for the day, doing a few final tasks before the wedding began.  

The day was divided into three ceremonies honoring the couple's Vietnamese heritage, their families, and their Catholic faith. The first part of the day consisted of a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. Reggie and his family brought gifts to the bride and her family. They were presented in metal boxes, beautifully decorated and draped in red cloth and presented in odd numbers in hopes of bringing good luck to the couple.  Tram was then presented, dressed in her traditional red and gold Ao Dai.  Then together, she and Reggie paid respects to her family's ancestors.  The new couple poured tea for the father of the bride and the mother of the bride.  Finally, their families gave advice about marriage and family, and Tram was given jewelry and other gifts to conclude the first ceremony.  

The wedding party and bride's family then traveled to Reggie's home.  A tea ceremony was performed and Reggie and Tram paid their respects to his family's ancestors.  Gifts and advice were given to the new couple by the Groom's family as well.  The emotion present in both ceremonies was so vibrant.  You could feel the love and happiness that each family had for Reggie and Tram.  Their love for each other was evident in the way that Reggie looked at Tram.  She was the center of his attention as he made several glances at his bride throughout the ceremonies.  

After the traditional Vietnamese ceremonies, Reggie and Tram traveled to St. Pius X Catholic Church for their wedding.  Tram changed into her white wedding dress with the help of her bridesmaids.  The lovely ceremony was opened with a wonderful mass led by Father Ken.  Reggie and Tram listened to the readings for the ceremony and the emotion as they gazed at each other was palpable - giving us the opportunity for many amazing shots!  Their first kiss as husband and wife was followed by applause as the couple made their way out of the church.  

Their reception was packed with friends and family.  We were met with so much kindness by the members of their family. Each person present was so thrilled to see this couple become husband and wife.  Reggie and Tram had prepared several videos about their lives together over the last eight years of dating.  Their childhood, their time dating, their friends, their families, and even a video of their engagement was displayed for the guests to enjoy.  By the end of their evening, their love was radiating throughout the reception hall.  

The love they have for each other is evident in every photograph we took.  The way they look at each other you can tell they are endlessly in love.  When Reggie asked Tram to be his girlfriend eight years ago, she told him, "only if you promise to peel the skin off my grapes for me".  He promised her, and I have no doubt in my mind that Reggie would peel every grape on this earth just to see Tram smile.

Wedding Venue: St. Pius X Catholic Church - Mission, KS

Reception Venue: Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center

Videographer: Selby Films

Cake Artist: Tous les Jours

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Tuxes: Macy's