Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Behind-The-Scenes

While editing my most recent wedding, I had a thought that I thought I would share with you all.  There are lots of moments throughout each wedding day.  The first look, bride and groom's first kiss, first dance.  But one of my favorite details of the day is one that is usually overlooked when my couples are planning out their big day. 

The moment where the bride and groom have just said their vows and become husband and wife and are now walking back up the aisle.  Not as they pass their guests.  That is usually a smile or a wave at their loved ones.  I'm talking about once they reach the end of the aisle.  All eyes are on to the bridal party coming down the aisle.  It's just the two of them, and they have this splendid look of "We did it! We're married!"  

Since most guests have already changed their focus by now, I always feel so blessed to witness this moment with my couples.  As though I'm capturing something that only they will remember. A secret little moment between just the two of them. 

A little album of past weddings so you can see what I'm getting all sentimental over. :)