Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Alex and Austin

Our day with Alex and Austin started at a gorgeous home near Zilker Park.  They spent the morning talking and laughing with their bridal party as they got ready for their wedding day.  The home was full of gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that let in a massive amount of natural light.  After they were dressed and ready we went to the location of their wedding, Mercury Hall.  It is this beautiful Oasis settled in just south of downtown Austin.  The location had both an indoor and outdoor area with details including stained-glass windows and a forest of bamboo.  Their wedding was a gorgeous ceremony, officiated by Austin's father.  Afterwards the reception was filled with laughter as the couple's bridal party and their fathers told stories of the two both as children, and as a couple.  The love that Austin and Alex have for each other is radiating.  Everyone spoke of how it is evident in everything that they do.  That they are each, on their own, some of the most kind and positive people you will ever meet.  But as a couple, that kindness is now evident in not only the way they treat others, but in the way they treat one another.  These two have a sincere and genuine love for one another and we are so thrilled to show you the images we captured from their day. 

Thank you to the vendors who helped to make Alex and Austin's day magical: