Cancun, Mexico | Vow Renewal | Deborah + Marinus and Becky + Dennis

As some of you may know, my grandma passed away in March.  It left a huge hole in our hearts and we were left wondering how best to honor my grandparents and the family they left behind.  We chose to travel together, to paradise, and to celebrate two of the greatest things to come of their lives.  My Aunt and Uncle (Becky and Dennis) have been married for twenty five years.  They had two children together (Ben and Hannah).  And after all these years they chose to renew their vows to each other.  My Mom and Step-dad (Deborah and Marinus) have been married for fifteen years.  Marinus became my step-dad when I was eleven years old and they had my little brother when I was fifteen.  After all their years together they chose to renew their vows to each other.  We spent an entire week together, talking about our lives, catching up, and telling stories of memories we have from my grandparents.  It was a refreshing week and we all left with a renewed love for each other as a family.  Their vow renewal was beautiful.  They passed on advice and love to each of their children and together as a family we vowed to always care for each other and to make time for each other, even as our own families grow.

In 2010 we had all traveled to Mexico for a family trip.  So it seemed fitting to go back in honor of our grandparents.  Hannah and I had stumbled upon a wedding and walked down the aisle together.  We have joked for years that we married that day and that this recent trip was actually to celebrate Hannah and I's seven years together.  We told Ben and Martin that they are the same age were "back then" and that it would be perfect if they got "married", too.  You'll see that Hannah and I are very good at convincing people to follow our lead. 

It was an amazing trip and I hope we always  make time like this to be together.  I'll be splitting the rest of the trip up onto two other blog posts!  So I hope you'll stop by to see our other posts in the future.  

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