Austin, Texas | Engagement Session in an Urban Winery | David and Toni

On this particular Saturday it was not supposed to rain.  We had checked the weather that morning on an app that assured us there was no more than a 20% chance for any kind of precipitation.  At around 4pm the clouds rolled in and it started to pour.  Our plans for any kind of park our outdoor area were squashed.   But that is okay, because David and Toni picked a Cigar Lounge and an Urban Winery instead!  Both are gorgeous indoor venues that they have visited together as a couple.  We were absolutely up for shooting somewhere we had never been and we were so excited to explore a new area!  Now that the images are done I am actually glad it rained.  We met some amazingly friendly people at a local Cigar Shop where David and Toni were members. They let us use the lounge for a few photos and while we set up for the ring shots Toni told us that they used to come here to play chess together.  Then we got to visit the winery where David proposed to Toni.  He showed us right where it happened and gave us all the details of how little time he had to prepare the perfect spot while Toni was preoccupied in a different part of the bar.  Toni told us their frosé is delicious and is definitely worth a return trip (which is now officially on our list of places to try in Austin). Both locations provided us with some amazing colors and deep romantic tones. 

At the end of the session, the clouds moved on and a sliver of sun poked through and we had just enough time to visit the softball fields where David and Toni first met.  It was the perfect ending to a day full of cute locations around Austin.  This session could easily be one of my favorite we've ever shot!  We can't wait for David and Toni's wedding in February!