Austin, Texas | Portrait Session | The B Hive

When we first moved to Austin we didn't know anyone.  No family, no friends.  We picked up our lives in Kansas City and started our biggest adventure together so far.  Being in a new city is scary!  Making friends as an adult is much harder than when you're a student.  Josh was starting to think that I'd never leave the house.  I'd just grow attached to my computer chair or something.  We're on Instagram quite a bit.  At least a few hours a day commenting on local posts and sharing our work.  I noticed there was a local book club that was currently reading the same book as me ("The Girl on the Train").  I messaged The B Hive and I am so happy I did!  This group of girls is so kind and welcoming.  They are all so talented, each with their own wonderful story.  A lot of the girls are new to Austin and it was nice having someone to share my feelings with about being away from home and family.  I've learned so much about the city from the girls who were born and raised here.  They've all given me so many suggestions for new places to explore!  If you're new to the area and are looking for a group to meet up with, check out their page for more info.