Austin, Texas | Collaboration of Creatives | Styled Summer Party Desserts

Have you ever smelled a candle and thought to yourself, "Man, this smells good enough to eat!"  That is exactly what happens when you smell a Kelli Marie Design Guava and Passion Fruit candle.  These beauties are hand-poured small batch soy candles and they smell amazing.  Light one and your entire house is going to smell like a tropical paradise.  Her candles also make the perfect housewarming gift or hostess gift!

Karen from Hello Tiny Bites used Kelli's candles as inspiration for her cakes and created this wonderfully summer color scheme!  We love all the bright pops of summer color!  Karen's attention to details is intense.  They're little little works of art.  Her macarons are so incredibly tasty.  Their shells are baked to perfection and the curd center makes them the perfect combination of sweet and tart!  We can't wait to see her cakes making their way to weddings and events this year in Austin.  

 Merrie and Bright made us a custom cake topper; it was the perfect size for Karen's cake and Merrie had it shipped to us for the shoot.  Her topper adds such a gorgeous little pop of sparkle to the shoot! The material is a clear acrylic with the glitter mixed in.  So you wont be accidentally glittering your cake - It all stays in the topper! (I thought this was so nifty)

Karen's cakes and treats are all marked with little calligraphy signs made by August and Ember!  Katelyn is a local Texas vendor and is so fantastic to work with!  All we had to do was give her a color scheme and she made these perfect little signs.  The ink she used was pink with a blue metallic shift.  You got to see videos of it in action if you follow us on Snapchat!  They are all hand-made, hand-written, and hand-painted.  The little watercolor edges were the perfect shade of green!  

Thank you to all of our vendors who worked so hard to make this beautiful shoot a success!

Kelli Marie Design

Hello Tiny Bites

Merrie and Bright

August and Ember