Killeen, Texas | A Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony in the Hills of Texas | The Caldwell Wedding

Our day spent with Kristen and David was full of laughter and joy.  These two are some of the most joyful people we have ever met.  They giggled and laughed and smiled.  Even through tears of joy and love during their ceremony they found ways to laugh.  Their love for each other was so wonderfully evident in every  moment they spent together.  We love meeting brides and grooms that you can tell love each other in every way.  These two are best friends.  

When we met with Kristen and David they were care free.  They chose to skip the first look for the traditional first look down the aisle.  The boys kept watch over their mother from the doorway.  Making sure that David didn't accidentally see her before it was time for the big day.  Their Aunts hurriedly finished the final touches on the ceremony.  All of which was a fantastic surprise for both Kristen and David.  Each detail picked and prepared lovingly by their family members.  The cake was hand-made and filled the room with the fantastic smell of freshly baked and frosted pastries.  

The ceremony itself was so wonderful.  There was this amazing view of the family's land.  You could see out into the hills of Killeen, Texas.  The two read their vows.  Each shed tears of joy and happiness as they shared stories of their love for each other.  They vowed to love each other deeply, and to create a family between the two of them and the boys.  Each of the family members took part in the sand ceremony.  It was so beautiful seeing it done this way.  Each of them taking a turn pouring a little bit of sand.  Their first kiss as husband and wife was perfect.  The family was given bubbles to blow as they walked down their aisle together.  A hurricane of bubbles surrounded the newlyweds and it was so beautiful.  

We ended the day with cake cutting and speeches from a few of the family members.  Family was such a huge theme of the day.  You could see that their marriage was so centered around not only the creation of a new family, but the blending of each family together.  Seeing a couple so truly focused on family was so refreshing.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell!