Austin, Texas | Wedding Cake for a Modern Bride | Hello Tiny Bites

Wedding cakes are the crown jewel of the reception.  They are what your younger guests are gazing at as soon as they enter the room.  They are the little slice of sugary energy you need to make it through hours of dancing with family and guests.  Traditional wedding cakes have taken the stage for years.  But the trend this year is for your cake to have a pop of color.  Karen Lopez with Hello Tiny Bites creates masterful collages in a rainbow of dramatic, colorful sweets.  Her tiered cakes are a delicious home-made vanilla buttercream, topped with gold-dusted fruits alongside her bright and crunchy macarons with a raspberry curd and fluffy vanilla cream center.  They are painted to perfection and decorated with fresh floral.  Her dessert table looked stunning in this Texas field.  Complete with Texas wild flowers!  You could add a custom cake topper, but her sweet treats really speak for themselves.  If you view her Instagram, you'll see a feed full of pastry art.  Her photographs are pops of color, each cake a custom piece for her customers.  No two cakes are alike (well, unless you order a few of her mini-cakes!).  You could feed a wide variety of wedding guests' tastes with her tiny bites.  Tarts, macarons, cupcakes, and meringue bites are among the several bites you can order.  If you're looking for a really unique approach to your dessert table, Karen can design the perfect cake.  We can't wait to see more of her wedding cakes popping up around venues in Austin!

Web: Hello Tiny Bites

Instagram: @hellotinybites