Forgan, Oklahoma | Meet the Photographers | A Weekend with Family

We don't make our way out to Forgan often enough.  My mom, step-dad, and little brother have lived out that way for about 5 years now.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long ago that we all lived together in a barn-shaped home in a rural town in Kansas. My step-dad, Marinus, is from South Africa.  His family is mostly scattered across the globe.  His sister, Tercia, and her husband and son are visiting the United States this summer from Scotland.  I had never met them, so that made this trip even more special.  We made our way out to the farm where my parents live.  It's roughly 8 hours from Austin to Forgan, but the views are spectacular.  Hills, plateaus, desert, rivers, all scattered across the drive.  We spent the weekend relaxing.  On Saturday we had the family over or a braai (a South African "cook out").  I got to eat all of my favorite home cooked meals and spent some time cuddling the family dogs.  We shot clay pigeons and the boys played football in the yard.  My little brother loves it when Josh is around.  He's always needed a big brother.  When we got married my grandma told him he's got a brother now.  His face lit up and he told everyone he knew that he now had a big brother.  We fed the goats, pet the baby chicks, and watched the sun set over Oklahoma farm land.  It was a beautiful weekend and we enjoyed spending it with family.