Austin, Texas | A Stunning Wedding at Camp Lucy | Bradley and Alyssa

It had been raining hard for weeks straight.  As I made my way through the remote hills of farmland to Camp Lucy the sun broke through the clouds and beamed down its glorious rays of sunshine.  It was going to be a clear day.  Alyssa told us she had hoped for days that the rain would finally stop.  It was like the weather had made the day just for her.  Sunny and bright and warm.  The breeze rustled the leaves in the canopy above the altar.  It was a perfect day.

The bride and her bridesmaids spent the morning sipping mimosas and telling stories about their lives with Alyssa.  Her maid of honor, her sister, chatted lovingly with her.  The groomsmen took their time getting to the venue.  They made their way to the lounge, taking extra care not to sneak a peek of the bride and her entourage.  They kept Bradley hidden away while the girls took portraits beneath the bell tower.  They helped him with his tie and jacket.  He smiled as he looked in the mirror.  He told me, "now that the jacket is on it feels real.  Today we're getting married."  He beamed with joy as he opened his gift from Alyssa.  A brand new watch in sleek black and gold with a little handwritten note reminding him not to be late.  

As guests arrived the wedding party lined up.  Each bridesmaid with her groomsman walked arm in arm down the aisle.  Alyssa and her father waited in the cover of the trees.  He smiled at her and held her hand.  As they rounded the corner to the top of the aisle Bradley's smile grew larger.  At the first glance of his bride his eyes welled up as his heart filled with happiness.  The ceremony was beautiful.  They wrote private vows to each other that were read quietly under the sound of music.  Their last kiss was passionate as he held his bride tightly.  Their portraits were right after the ceremony as guests enjoyed a cocktail hour.  Brad asked us if we could shoot photos for just a little while longer because he "just wanted to stand there holding her forever."  

Their reception was as vibrant and joyous as their love for each other.  They danced among friends, ate cake, and stared lovingly at each other.  They were sent off with a trail of sparklers.  Bradley kissed his wife to the cheers of the crowd one last time as he and Alyssa entered the limousine.  They rode off under a big full moon as their guests waved happily behind them.