Kansas City, Kansas | A Wedding Day Full of Beautiful Details | Reggie and Tram

Reggie and Tram's wedding day was absolutely packed with beautiful details from start to finish. Tram and her bridesmaids began hair and makeup bright and early while her mother steamed her wedding dress in the other room.  I arrived and was greeted by Tram's father who asked if I had breakfast and treated me to the most delicious breakfast pastry.  Joshua spent his morning with Reggie and his groomsmen.  They dressed and prepared for the day, doing a few final tasks before the wedding began.  

The day was divided into three ceremonies honoring the couple's Vietnamese heritage, their families, and their Catholic faith. The first part of the day consisted of a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. Reggie and his family brought gifts to the bride and her family. They were presented in metal boxes, beautifully decorated and draped in red cloth and presented in odd numbers in hopes of bringing good luck to the couple.  Tram was then presented, dressed in her traditional red and gold Ao Dai.  Then together, she and Reggie paid respects to her family's ancestors.  The new couple poured tea for the father of the bride and the mother of the bride.  Finally, their families gave advice about marriage and family, and Tram was given jewelry and other gifts to conclude the first ceremony.  

The wedding party and bride's family then traveled to Reggie's home.  A tea ceremony was performed and Reggie and Tram paid their respects to his family's ancestors.  Gifts and advice were given to the new couple by the Groom's family as well.  The emotion present in both ceremonies was so vibrant.  You could feel the love and happiness that each family had for Reggie and Tram.  Their love for each other was evident in the way that Reggie looked at Tram.  She was the center of his attention as he made several glances at his bride throughout the ceremonies.  

After the traditional Vietnamese ceremonies, Reggie and Tram traveled to St. Pius X Catholic Church for their wedding.  Tram changed into her white wedding dress with the help of her bridesmaids.  The lovely ceremony was opened with a wonderful mass led by Father Ken.  Reggie and Tram listened to the readings for the ceremony and the emotion as they gazed at each other was palpable - giving us the opportunity for many amazing shots!  Their first kiss as husband and wife was followed by applause as the couple made their way out of the church.  

Their reception was packed with friends and family.  We were met with so much kindness by the members of their family. Each person present was so thrilled to see this couple become husband and wife.  Reggie and Tram had prepared several videos about their lives together over the last eight years of dating.  Their childhood, their time dating, their friends, their families, and even a video of their engagement was displayed for the guests to enjoy.  By the end of their evening, their love was radiating throughout the reception hall.  

The love they have for each other is evident in every photograph we took.  The way they look at each other you can tell they are endlessly in love.  When Reggie asked Tram to be his girlfriend eight years ago, she told him, "only if you promise to peel the skin off my grapes for me".  He promised her, and I have no doubt in my mind that Reggie would peel every grape on this earth just to see Tram smile.

Wedding Venue: St. Pius X Catholic Church - Mission, KS

Reception Venue: Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center

Videographer: Selby Films

Cake Artist: Tous les Jours

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Tuxes: Macy's