Kansas City, Missouri | Two Year Old Portrait Session | The White-Shawgo Family

Occasionally our photography blesses us with the ability to spend some time with our families in Kansas City.  Last weekend we stayed with my sister and her family while we shot Reggie and Tram's wedding day.  My little nephew turned 2 at the beginning of May and we hadn't seen them in a while, so we were so thankful to have some time to spend with them.  We brought him a bubble machine, a bubble gun, and a huge refill of bubbles (which at this rate will last him two days, tops).  Uncle Josh and Aunt Breck did a good job picking out a gift, because he *loved* playing in those bubbles.  Being a two year old can be rough stuff.  Mixed in with the happy bubble photos are the occasional exasperated look.  The long sigh, the high-pitched whine.  But that's okay.  Some day we'll look back on these photos and the "terrible twos" will be such a distant memory.  We'll think back and laugh about how his mama got him balloons especially for this shoot that he refused to even be near.  We'll smile seeing all the joy that hiding behind a couch cushion could bring to his face.  And we'll miss the way he shouts "JOSH" every time he hits or punches anything (including those pesky balloons!).  He is growing up so fast and these images are such a gift to us.  We can't wait to see all the wonderful things he has in store for us in the future.  But we love that we will always be able to look back to these photos from one warm spring day when he was just our sweet little two-year-old.