Overland Park, Kansas | A Vibrant Engagement Photography Session | Reggie and Tram

When we first met Reggie and Tram via Skype, they mentioned one of the things they were looking for in their wedding is bright, colorful photos.  We knew immediately that we would be a perfect match.  The road trip from Austin to Kansas City formed a perfect weekend of travel, new friends, and a gorgeous rainbow of images.  One of our favorite parts of travelling for weddings is that we get to meet wonderful new couples at some of the most beautiful places in the world!  The Museum at Prairiefire in Overland Park provided us with an amazing start to a radiant session.  Reggie and Tram met us at the entrance to the museum.  They were instantly friendly and we enjoyed hearing their stories.  Reggie told us that they were just two days shy of their eight year anniversary.  He said the first time he saw her was in a photo on Myspace and he thought she was so beautiful.  Afterwards, we made our way to Kansas City's iconic Kaufman Center for Performing Arts.  Traffic was packed and we made our way slowly to a gorgeous lot where the view of the Kaufman was perfect.  The sun lowered and started pouring out a soft light.  The session ended with a golden sunset at the Liberty Memorial where we got a full view of the skyline.  Reggie and Tram laughed over fond memories of their proposal, danced together, and snuggled in the crisp wind after the newly fallen sun.  Reggie was a true gentleman and offered her his jacket for the walk back to the car.  The evening was beautiful and we had such a wonderful time getting to know them.  We can't wait to shoot their wedding this May!