Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Life of a Wedding Photographer | A Week Away With Family

We're back this week on the blog!  We spent a bitter-sweet week with our family this last weekend.  We celebrated the life of my grandmother who passed away March 5th.  I got to spend the week with family that I do not see often.  We shared memories of my Grandmother, laughed, cried, and caught up on each other's lives.  It happened suddenly.  We weren't expecting it and a few appointments were given short notice that we'd have to reschedule.  We were given so much love and kindness.  I cannot express the thanks I have to everyone who sent their well-wishes, prayers, thoughts, and concern for Joshua and I this week.  We appreciate the patience of those who were most affected by our change of plans, as we made the journey to Kansas City with little notice.  

This week has left me worn out.  It has been a collection of difficult emotions.  We're so blessed to be surrounded by those who love us.  A passing of life is such a sad emotional time.  It's hard to see your loved ones go, and to see their families mourn.  I am focused on the blessing my grandmother's life was to me.  I am left with a deep sadness, but more importantly I am left with a fresh appreciation for how precious my family is to me.  Even the small moments of "in-between" that used to seem the norm have now become gifts.  I am thankful for each small visit, each phone call, each story shared.  

I am glad to be back to work.  I missed sharing my stories.  We'll end this post with a few photos from my weekend.  We are fortunate to have my dad as a half way stop between Austin and Kansas City.  He's had many a few late night/early morning visits and I appreciate he and my step-mom Amy's hospitality.  I got to spend some time with them Saturday night without the rush of a pending trip.  So I shot a few photos of their sweet pups as a thank you.  They're so adorable.  Hopefully this helps to brighten anyone who needs a smile this Monday. 

I hope you're all doing well. We're so thankful to be back!  I hope you continue to enjoy our stories.