Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography 101 | How to Take Wedding Ring Photographs

One of my favorite things about photography is that there are an infinite amount of ways to shoot a particular photo.  Give a group of photographers a camera, subject, and lighting conditions and they will all come up with a completely different way to shoot the same subject.  We love trying different methods to achieve specific images.  You'd be amazed at what objects you can use to transform backgrounds, foregrounds, lighting, and color in your images.  When starting in photography you can get overwhelmed with equipment suggestions.  So we've put together a tutorial on lighting for macro photos of small jewelry.  We hope it gives you inspiration to try some of your own!

Some things you'll need: 

1. Camera

2. Macro Lens.   These are available for most cameras.  Or can sometimes be an option you can choose in your cameras settings. 

3. Jewelry.  Your wedding ring, a set of earrings, a pin, etc.  

4.  Something for your object to sit on.  We're using the top of a Bath and Body Works candle and a small mirror.  Use whatever you want!  Get creative.  Some good ideas are: Fabric, shiny surfaces, scrapbook paper.

5.  A background.  We used some vases lined up and also a white wall.  Get creative with this, too!  Macro lenses blur the background quite a bit.  Pick a few different things to try out to see how the blur affects them.

6. Lighting.  We used a speed light on camera.  You can also use strobes or a bright lamp.  You just need something to light the front of the object.

Here's our setup.  We also had a speed light on manual shooting straight up to the ceiling. : 

And here's our final image: 

The macro blurs out the floor and the background so much that the reflective surface blends them together to make this gorgeous smooth purple.  

We used the same setup with a white wall for the background instead of the purple vases and this is our final image: 

Let us know if you enjoyed our tutorial and if you'd like to see more!

Thanks for reading!