Austin, Texas | Photography Tips for Brides | The Importance of Emotion in Your Images

When you're preparing for your wedding photography, one of the most important things to remember is to relax and be yourself.  I know, it sounds cheesy.  But if you're thinking about the way that you look, it will show in your photos. When you're getting married you spend half of your engagement scouting Pinterest and reading blogs.  You search and search for the perfect poses, the perfect accessories, locations, lighting.  You'll see Bride after Bride and Groom after Groom.  They're always glowing, smiling, caught in a moment on one of the most beautiful days of their lives.  

When the big day comes, you'll be tempted to strike a pose, hold your body a certain way, grab your loved ones to line up for a quick snapshot.  But keep in mind some of the greatest photos from your wedding day will be the ones of you caught off guard.  You'll laugh alongside your bridesmaids while you're getting ready, you'll see your loved ones gathered around you as you walk the aisle, and you'll dance freely at your reception because all that planning, time, and stress, has finally led up to this moment.  You've married your best friend, you get to spend your life with them, and everyone you love has gathered to celebrate your lives together.  These will be the moments you cherish.  The in-between.  The non-posed, no inhibitions, the joyous tears, the laughs.  

 It's your day and your photographers are there to tell your story as it unfolds.  Try to ignore us.  I know we're looming, constantly in the background.  We're going to be near you for ever moment of your day.  In some cases we are the only people who get that privilege, and it's something we do not take lightly. So let go of any worries.  Enjoy your day, spend each moment with your wedding party, give all your attention to your new partner for life.  Laugh, cry, dance, hug, twirl, kiss.  These will be the moments you cherish.  The in-between.  The candid, the honest, the no inhibitions, the joyous tears, the laughs.  Because these are the images that will find their way to the walls of your home.