Austin, Texas | Photography 101 | Cheap and Easy How To on Shooting Product Photography

Today we've got a "$5 Product Photo Tutorial".  We've seen a lot of interest in product photography increase over the years.  Especially on personal Instagram accounts.  I wanted to spend some time today sharing with you a simple technique for achieving this effect.  This tutorial is very simple, and we took some photos with our phone to show that you can use these techniques with any camera.  We hope you enjoy!

Some things you'll need:

1. A piece of white poster board. (we got ours at Hobby Lobby for $2.49)

2. A piece of white foam board.  (we got ours at Hobby Lobby for $2.59)

3. A large window (or shoot outdoors in the shade) with no direct sun.

4.  A coffee table, wall, or even a box.  Something with a flat edge you can prop your paper up against.

5. Any camera!

Here's our setup:

This was taken with my cell phone.  You'll want to set up your poster board, first, against a surface facing a window.  You can use tape to secure it at the right height.  We just used our coffee table, but anything with a flat surface on the side will work.  You will need to leave enough poster board so that you have room to set the foam board on top.  You want that nice slow curve in the poster board.  You do not want the poster board to be flat or at a sharp angle.   This will allow your background to totally white out without a crease.

Here's our resulting image on my cell phone:

And the resulting image on my camera:

We hope you enjoyed this!  Please leave us a comment if you did, or if you have any ideas for new tutorials. We would love to hear from you.  Be sure to let us know if you tried it out, we'd love to see the results you have!