Austin, Texas | Commercial Photography | Kelli Marie Design Glow Box

We have been working on a very special collaboration with the Seattle-based candle making company, Kelli Marie Design.  She has just officially released their new monthly subscription box for her gorgeous handmade candles.  The Glow Boxes are now on sale and are the perfect gift for the Holidays!  We were lucky enough to receive one of the first ever boxes for this shoot.  Let me tell you... My house smells *amazing*!  The champagne candle has been sitting on my desk so I can light it while I'm working.  It fills the whole house with amazing smells.  This sage pomegranate scent is the perfect transition scent from the holidays in to the new spring season.  If you are looking to shop local this holiday season, definitely check out Kelli's Glow Box!  Her tea lights are going to be so perfect for my centerpieces this holiday season.  I love giving gifts that are made with love by creatives.  Kelli is so sweet and each of her candles are made with such care!  I am so excited to see what the new boxes have in store for the coming months!  

Kelli Marie Design