Austin, Texas | Event Photography | The B Hive Field Day

The B Hive has been an amazing way for me to meet new friends in Austin.  When we moved to Texas I was so worried I would have a hard time meeting new people.  I found the B Hive on Instagram because they were all reading the same book for book club that month and it must have been fate.  This is one of the most fantastic group of girls I have ever met.  Each woman is so wonderfully accepting and friendly.  They are all so talented and kind and generous.  I am so lucky to have found them.  Their Field Day this October raised money for SAFE Austin. They will be hosting two more events to raise money in November and December.  For more information on becoming part of the B Hive, visit their webpage at this link!  If you like books and brunch and are looking to meet new friends in Austin this is an amazing place to get started!