Kansas City, Missouri | Engagement Session | Jessica and Zach

We had such a fun session with Jessica and Zach. They are so hilarious and playful together that the entire session was a posing dream! They barely needed any direction and were naturals in front of the camera. I can’t wait for their wedding day! I am so excited to share a few of the images from their session with you!

Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Amanda and Michael

Amanda and Michael’s day was nothing short of perfection! The views at Vintage Villas are just absolutely stunning and to top it all off, the clouds helped to create the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen. These two are just so perfect together and I am so blessed that they chose to have us be a part of their day. I am so happy to share my favorite photos of their day with you!

Special thanks to all the Vendors who helped make Amanda and Michael’s Day Perfect:

Wedding Planner: Trademark Weddings

Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery

Venue and Caterer: Vintage Villas

DJ: Complete Weddings Austin

Florist: Romantic Florals

Austin, Texas | Cosplay Photography | Ally Lucas' Link Barbarian Armor from Breath of the Wild

We got to shoot something a little different last week!  We have done a few projects with Ally Lucas and when she mentioned she was doing a cosplay set from Breath of the Wild we knew we HAD to be a part of it!  Breath of the Wild was one of my favorite games from 2017, so it was really fun photographing cosplay I was really familiar with.  I have been wanting to try out some creative cosplay photography for a while now, so this was the perfect opportunity.  We met up at Austin's Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park to give us a backdrop that was reminiscent of the BOTW series. I am really proud of how this set turned out.  Ally will be at a few conventions this year in Austin, so if you see her be sure to say "Hello"! :)

Cosplay and Accessories: @Allymarialucas

Costume: Beverly Perez

Mission, Kansas | Wedding Photography | Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson

Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson had the most beautiful wedding day at Mission Theater.  Their whole day was absolutely full of joy.  The Mission Theater is a gorgeous venue, and it provided a beautiful backdrop for a fantastic wedding.  These two are so absolutely in love.  One of my favorite parts of their day was the first look.  These two had been waiting all morning for the moment they'd be reunited and you could tell that the moment they first saw each other again they were overjoyed just to be together.  Their friends and family all told us stories of what amazing people these two were, and we are so blessed to have witnessed them joining together as husband and wife.  I am so thrilled to share these images with you from their day.  

A special thanks to all of the vendors involved in creating their perfect day will be listed at the bottom of our post.

Vendors who made Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson's Wedding Day absolutely perfect: 

Wedding Coordinator: Christine Darden

Florist: April Cremer

Cake Artist: Jan O'rouke

DJ: Platinum KC

Makeup and Hair: Amanda Sledd

Limo: Legacy Limo KC

Backdrop: Ultrapom

Wedding Gown: Bridal Extraordinaire

Catering: Jack Stack Barbecue

Venue: Mission Theater

Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Mr. and Mrs. Talamantez-Graham

Brook and David had an absolutely stunning wedding day on Brook's family's farmland.  The day started with each of them spending the morning with their bridesmaids and groomsmen in the family's gorgeous cabin.  Their ceremony was made extra special with the addition of Brook's father acting as officiant.  It made their ceremony feel cozy and genuine.  I felt like every little detail put into their wedding day showed you something personal about them.  Their time abroad together, their love of books, and Studio Ghibli.  All of their friends and family made us feel like a welcomed addition to their day.  We were so blessed to have been a part of it and we are so thrilled to share our favorite images with you all!  

Estes Park, Colorado | Personal Post | Family Vacation

Finally edited my photos from my trip to Estes Park and Denver with my sister and her family! We got to spend almost an entire week of quality time with them.  It was a much-needed vacation to catch up and hang out with my sweet little nephew. We went to the mountains, shopped in the cute little downtown, went to the Stanley Hotel, and checked out a few of their local breweries.  It was a fabulous weekend and my sister will be happy to see that I *finally* got these photos of her climbing this big ol' rock edited and posted. :) 

Austin, Texas | Photography Tutorial | How to Build Light to Create An Outrun Style Photograph

I was recently inspired by the Subreddit, /r/Outrun.  For those of you that are not familiar with it, the community describes itself as "a general community dedicated to the synthwave music scene, a revisionist 80s music style of synthesizers and pulsing beats, and the retrofuturist 80s aesthetic of fast cars, neon lights and chrome."  I put together a few projects using this bright theme and I have had so much feedback on them that I thought it was about time to put together a tutorial on how I achieved this look.  When working with artificial light, we use a method of "light building" and I am going to do my best to teach you the best way to achieve this look.  Perfect for portraits, pets, and shiny objects. :) I will have a list of all products used at the end of the post.  So if you're interested in creating your own you can see everything I used! Be sure to tag us in your creations if you use this to make a work of your own.  This will be a more advanced tutorial, using DSLR equipment. If you're interested in a more beginner tutorial, let us know! If we get feedback we'd love to make a beginner version of this tutorial.  

Most importantly, have fun creating! :)

The very first step in light building is to set your ambient light.  What this means, is, typically your background.  For these images I wanted a really dark background with just the light on Joshua as the focus.  Our settings are ISO 50, f/4 and 1/160 sec.  I am using the Nikon D750 and a 50mm f1/4 lens in a room with an 8' ceiling at about 8'x10' (aka, my office). If you're shooting on a crop-sensor, you'll probably want a 35mm (or less) lens for this size of room. (or, a bigger room).  Also, I would like to note that it is best to shoot in a room where you have as little outside light as possible.  So close the curtains, turn off all indoor lights, and shoot in the dark like a weirdo. :)

Once you get your ambient settings where you like them, you'll start adding your first light.  For me, this was the green light at Joshua's back right (my back left).  Below is what this setup looked like (the blue line at the bottom being the curtain behind Joshua).  At this point you should not be adjusting your camera settings anymore.  Just your light! So if it's too bright, turn the light down, if it's too dark, turn it up. Move it, put it closer, further away, etc, but do not change your camera settings!  Get this where you like it.  For me it was making it bright enough it showed the detail on Joshua's face, but was not blowing out as white. I also took special care to make sure my light was catching on the curtain behind him as little as possible.

Green Setup.jpg

You'll probably be messing with the light quite a bit for each of these steps.  Further from your subject gives you a softer light, but it will spill out on to your surroundings a bit more (the curtain).  Closer to your subject keeps your light more direct, but you'll have a much harsher shadow).  You'll get better at finding a place for your light, the more you practice.  But once you get a green that you like, you'll be ready to move on to the blue!  The second step is very similar.  This light will be placed at the front of Joshua, so some spilling onto the background is going to be kind of inevitable. But don't worry about too many shadows, because the last layer is going to help smooth them out quite a bit.  Just focus on keeping your green green, and your blue blue.  Try not to blow anything out into white. This gives you a very funny looking little blueberry husband. :)  But thankfully he's a good sport and lets you post funny blueberry photos of him on  your blog. (wives, dogs, cats, cars, and other shiny objects are a good substitute if you do not have a patient husband available! ;) 

Blue Setup.jpg
Outrun Lighting-2.jpg

Your biggest struggle here is going to be making sure you don't lose your green in all that blue.  But you can do it.  I believe in you. ;)  Don't worry about  making really harsh shadows just yet, as a lot of that is going to be fixed in this next step.  Speaking of step three... This is probably the easiest step so far.  You're almost there! Woo hoo!  Your last light is going to be a nice big soft diffused light.  You're welcome to get out that fancy softbox or umbrella and get all official-looking.  But I like to use what I've already got out and there is this handy-dandy wall right in front of Joshua just hoping to be utilized.  So if you also have a wall ready and waiting, feel free to just bounce your final (color free) bare light off the wall and watch your portrait suddenly look super awesome! 

Final Setup.jpg
Outrun Lighting-5.jpg

Again, you'll just be adjusting the power of this final light.  Since it is bouncing and flying around all over the place (and is probably a little bit close to your subject) you will probably have to tone it down a little bit.  But you will be rewarded with buttery-soft skin and super snazzy looking catchlights in your subjects' eyes! And there you have it! 

"BUT WHAT IF I LIKE PINK?" You say, into your phone screen.  Well, don't worry. We tried that, too.  We replaced the last bare light with a pink light and got this multi-colored rainbow dream portrait. 

Outrun Lighting-8.jpg

Hopefully by now you've learned something good that you can use in your next creative photo session!  Let me know your thoughts and whether or not you're interested in seeing more tutorials! I'd love to put more together for you.  

Thanks for stopping by the blog! 

Here's the list of equipment used: 

Camera Body: Nikon D750

Camera Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Light #1: Nikon SB700 

Trigger for light: Yongnuo Triggers

Lights #2 and #3: Cowboy Studio (These are AWESOME intro studio lights!) 

Gels: Ziplock bags with Sharpie on them (Home made. With LOVE. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. Yes, you can buy nice ones, which I do own for my speedlights. But for the Cowboy studio lights I don't have any and this was the easiest solution. And it worked well, didn't it??) 

Model: Out of Stock. Sorry, he was a limited edition. ;) 

Austin, Texas | Wedding Photography | Behind-The-Scenes

While editing my most recent wedding, I had a thought that I thought I would share with you all.  There are lots of moments throughout each wedding day.  The first look, bride and groom's first kiss, first dance.  But one of my favorite details of the day is one that is usually overlooked when my couples are planning out their big day. 

The moment where the bride and groom have just said their vows and become husband and wife and are now walking back up the aisle.  Not as they pass their guests.  That is usually a smile or a wave at their loved ones.  I'm talking about once they reach the end of the aisle.  All eyes are on to the bridal party coming down the aisle.  It's just the two of them, and they have this splendid look of "We did it! We're married!"  

Since most guests have already changed their focus by now, I always feel so blessed to witness this moment with my couples.  As though I'm capturing something that only they will remember. A secret little moment between just the two of them. 

A little album of past weddings so you can see what I'm getting all sentimental over. :)

Luling, Texas | Wedding | Mr. and Mrs. Watson

Brittney and Alex's wedding allowed me to cross off a *major* item on my Texas Photo bucket list!  Bluebonnet sunset wedding? YES, Please!  These two chose to get married on their totally stunning family farmland.  I honestly cannot express how beautiful this place is with words (thankfully I'm a photographer and can show you!).  They decided to go the traditional route, waiting to see each other until Brittney was walking down the aisle.  Each got ready in a different home, surrounded by their bridal party and family members.  Their wedding took place on the top of a hill in the shade of a huge Live Oak tree.  The reception followed in the family's barn, complete with rows of hay bales along the walls and a big dance floor.  Guests were treated to the couple's favorite - Texas Barbecue.  Catered in from a Lockhart favorite, Kreuz Market.  The cherry on top was the gorgeous field of bluebonnets right at sunset.  Their bridal portraits need to be on a large canvas for sure.  They ended the day surrounding a bonfire with their closest friends and family.  Talking, laughing, and enjoying each others' company.  It was a spectacular day. I am so excited to share these images with you!

A special thank you to all of the vendors involved in making their day perfection: 

Hair - Victoria's Salon

Makeup - Maria Garcia

Wedding Gown - Alexia Gavela Bridal

Catering - Kreuz Market

Cake - Once Upon a Time Bakery

Austin, Texas | Engagement Session | Brook and David

Brook and David chose the Hope Outdoor Gallery as the location for their engagement session.  This bright, colorful gallery is a prime spot for locals and tourists alike.  We were given such a gorgeous, perfect day with tons of sun and a nice warm breeze.  These two are so sweet and were total naturals at posing.  I am so excited for their wedding this April and I am so excited to share these photos from their session! 

(Note: Art featured on the walls is property of their respective artists and is not the property of Mira Visu Photography. Material may feature adult themes and they do not represent Mira Visu Photography). 

Luling, Texas | Engagement Session | Brittney and Alexander

We had intended to shoot Brittney and Alexander's engagement session a few weeks ago, but the weather did not cooperate and we had to reschedule to this past weekend.  It is always unfortunate when we have to reschedule with our clients, but I always reassure them that it's the best option.  To say this weather was worth the wait would be a total understatement.  Brittney and Alexander got a *gorgeous* spring day in the lush green grass of their family's farmland in Luling, Texas.  The spectacular sunset at the end of the day was just the cherry on top of this couple's beautiful session!  These two laughed and giggled their way through what turned into an adorable and absolutely precious set. I am so excited to share these images with you! 

Austin, Texas | Collections | Best of 2017

Today is the first day of 2018.  I am writing this and really taking time to soak in the feelings I have from this year.  We are so blessed to have been a part of so many people's lives.  We have grown so much with each and every shoot we've done and I could not have asked for a better season.  I wanted to put together a little collection of all the amazing things we've had the honor of witnessing this past year.  I care deeply for each and every one of you and I wish you all the best in the coming year.